More than one right answer

As our surveys are location based it is possible that there could be more than one location. In these cases we ask our users to answer to the best of their ability. Here are a few scenarios where there being more than one correct answer.


Case 1: Work or Work Location's name?

You work at McDonald's and have both the options 'Work' and 'McDonald's.' In this case, you would select 'Work' if you were working at the listed time and day. If you were there to visit friends or to get food then you would select 'McDonald's.


Case 2: Home or Locations close by?

You live in an apartment complex and there is a QFC next door that you visited. In this case do your best to remember if you were home, shopping, or just walking by during the stated time/date listed. 


Case 3: Shopped at multiple locations

You went to a shopping mall and went to multiple stores during your visit. Do you best based off the map and time to remember the location you visited during this time.

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