How to refer a friend

If you love the Frequent Flyer or are just looking for more ways to earn points consider referring friends or family! Once the person you refer registers for the panel, you’ll begin to earn 10% of the points your friends & family make. 


To refer a friend simply click on the "Referrals" tab and tap on the yellow button. 



The screenshot taken above was taken from an Android device.
On iOS 
the yellow button contains a share icon.


This will prompt a list of ways you can refer someone such as through text, email, Facebook and Google+.

Once you select a way to refer it will send your friend a link where they will be asked to complete the form below:


Once your friend completes the form DO NOT download via the link on the thank you page. Our system will send your referral a download link via text or email (Depending on what they selected in the form above) that will log your friend or family member as a referral. 

Your referral will then be asked to create an account. It may take up to three days for your referral to be seen on your number of all-time referrals. 



If you do not see your referral after three days contact our support team with the following information:

  • Your Frequent Flyer email (Tell us if you created an account via Facebook instead)
  • Your referrals' emails that they signed up with 
  • When you referred them
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