Change / Recover Password

If you want or need to reset your password, please follow the instructions below.


If you are logged in:

If you are already logged into the app, but would like to change your password. Simply click on the menu button on the upper left hand corner of the app.


Select 'Settings' and tap 'Password' this will give you the option to enter your current password and enter your new password.


If you can't log back in:

On the login screen tap 'Sign in with email' and select the 'Forgot password?' link.


We will then ask you to enter your Frequent Flyer email so we can send a reset password link to you. When opening the link you will be directed to our parent company's webpage to reset your password. It should look similar to this:

If you did not get a password reset email this could mean one of the following; (1) your email was sorted into your spam, (2) your registered under a different email, or (3) you have unsubscribed from our emails.

If you have checked your spam and have still not received an email, please contact our support team so we can assist.

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